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The Drive

How to Play

This is an actual 4-player game with 2 cards per player, and a $1.00 ante. The 2 cards next to THE DRIVE cup represent outcomes in The Boneyard. Enjoy!

Read the instruction card that comes with your order of THE DRIVE. Otherwise, here are the basics:

1 All players ante THE DRIVE cup with a chip or dollar bill. Playing with cold, hard cash is highly recommended.

2 All players are then RANDOMLY dealt at least one card, with the remainder of the cards dealt face-up to The Boneyard, a house account located next to THE DRIVE cup that plays the game like all other players.

3 Each card represents an exclusive outcome for that drive and can now be shared face-up for all players to see. Should that outcome occur, the player holding that card wins the contents of THE DRIVE cup plus any bonuses awarded by that outcome. Should that card exist in The Boneyard, a Rollover is required where ALL players re-ante and award THE DRIVE cup with any bonuses, and the cards are shuffled and dealt again in time for the next drive.

4 Follow THE DRIVE on Instagram (@playthedrive) for more strategy on how to maximize the fun!

This is an actual 4-player game with 2 cards per player, and a $1.00 ante. The 2 cards next to THE DRIVE cup represent outcomes in The Boneyard. Enjoy!

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